Cost of Hair Transplants in Belgium

The cost of hair transplant surgery in Belgium can depend on how many grafts you need. Prices can also vary from clinic to clinic. Similarly, the kind of treatment that you have will influence the cost of the procedure.

The best way to get an accurate idea of how much money it will cost is to go online and find a clinic in Belgium with a good reputation and patient reviews. You should then be able to submit a form with some details regarding the quantity of treatment you want and they will email you back with a rough, personalised quote.

Treatments are generally around 2-5 Euros per graft in Belgium. Typically people can expect to receive anything between 1,000 and perhaps 6,000 or more grafts. If you required 2,000 then you can expect an estimate of around 6,000 Euros, depending upon the clinic and surgeon selected.

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