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Tiger Woods' Wife Suffers Hair Loss

Elin Nordegren has revealed that she has suffered hair loss since discovering that her husband, golfer Tiger Woods, was a serial adulterer who had strayed multiple times over the course of their marriage.

Gail Porter Shows Off New Hair Growth

Television presenter Gail Porter proudly showed off a health head of hair today after five years of baldness caused by hair-loss condition alopecia. The celebrity premiered her new locks on GMTV this morning - obviously thrilled that she is now truly recovering from the condition that caused her to completely lose her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Another Celebrity Hair Loss 'Fashion Victim'

TV presenter Tamara Beckwith has been pictured with bald patches at the side of her head that could have been caused by excessively using hair extensions. The blonde 'it girl' is one of many celebrities, including super-model Naomi Campbell, whose balding hair has created a media stir.

Eye Lash Hair Transplant Trend

Experts warn that wearing false eyelashes or lash extensions could badly damage natural eye lash follicles following reports that a growing number of women are undergoing specialist hair transplants to fill balding areas along the natural lash-line.

Super Model Shows Hair Loss

Supermodel Naomi Campbell usually makes headlines because of her good looks - however the 40 year old has been the subject of much discussion after images have surfaced showing that the model seems to be balding as she prepared for a photo-shoot.

Hair Loss Linked to Prostate Risk

Men with hair loss problems could be at increased risk of developing enlarged prostates, researchers in Spain warn. Researchers explain that men with the hair loss condition androgenetic alopecia were more likely to exhibit symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Researchers explain that screening for urinary problems in people with early onset hair loss could lead to physicians diagnosing and better treating urinary and prostate diseases earlier.

Hair Growth Gene Identified

Scientists in Sweden have been able to identify a gene that causes and regulates hair growth. Researchers claim that activating the newly identified gene could lead to increased hair growth. It is hoped that the research could be key to developing a form of gene therapy that could cure male pattern baldness and other hair loss conditions.

Celebrity Doctor Admits Hair Transplant

Dr Christian Jessen, star of channel 4 series Embarrassing Bodies, has admitted that he underwent a hair transplant operation - and is more than happy with the results. Dr Jessen told Closer magazine that he had the operation over one year ago to thicken his hair and improve the cosmetic appearance of his hairline.

Company Develop Genetic Test for Hair Loss

The company HairDX has developed a genetic test in which both males and females can be analysed as to their risk of losing their hair. The company has been told that they are now able to begin helping doctors to predict the risk of baldness through genetics. The test should now allow doctors to be able to give a much better indication to the patients as it is a fully personalised test tailored for each individual’s risk of developing Androgenetic Alopecia (hair loss).

Hair transplant surgery for hair extension damage

All the latest celebrities are doing it, many women are now doing it, and with hair extensions available in many high street stores for affordable prices, the craze is continuing. However, doctors are now warning that all of these people are putting their hair under unnecessary amounts of pressure which could leave them fighting to keep their own hair let alone their extensions.