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Macrolane for Men

Macrolane is a product designed to plump and firm your body using your body’s own natural processes. A clear, non-animal based gel is introduced into your system through a series of small injections and this gel reacts with your body causing the production of water and the tensing and firming of the surrounding flesh. Macrolane is made from a base of hyaluronic acid close to what your body naturally produces, so the product can utilise the body’s automatic physical responses and reduce the risk of an adverse reaction. Macrolane also breaks down within the body over time and is assimilated into the muscle naturally. A treatment of Macrolane can have visible beneficial results immediately, and last for up to twelve months.

Cosmetic surgery has often wrongly been thought of as something for women to consider. However men often find that they are dissatisfied with their appearance and wish to find a way to enhance it. Macrolane is such a subtle and non-invasive process that it does not carry the stigma of more traditional treatments. The results have a natural appearance and Macrolane is seen as more a shaper or toner, to refine your body’s appearance. Areas men may consider being treated with Macrolane include: the chest or Pecs; the calves; buttocks.

Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid, which is made from the sugar acids of certain bacteria kept in extremely hygienic and sterile laboratory environments. This acid is very similar in composition to the one found in the dermal layers of human skin, and therefore works alongside it to activate the production of water and flesh under your skin. This effectively plumps and smoothes the skin that the Macrolane is applied to, leaving naturally sculpted contours in whichever area a man might select for enhancement.

What is treatment with Macrolane like for men?

Once a consultancy has been undertaken, where you and your aesthetic practioner will discuss the level of treatment and the risks involved in the procedure you will be scheduled an appointment for the application of Macrolane. Unlike some cosmetic treatments no uncomfortable skin tests are required. When you arrive at your clinic you will first be given an injection of local anaesthetic followed by a series of small injections in the desired area of treatment using an ultra-fine needle. As the treatment is non-invasive you ought to recover very quickly and could be able to return to work within a couple of days. The acid contained within Macrolane should engage with our body’s acids almost immediately leaving you with visible results from day one. You can expect a little soreness and redness in the treated area after the procedure but this ought to fade within a couple days. Your consultant or aesthetic practioner ought to advise you on any maintenance you may require, which often includes firm and rigorous massage after your treatment to ensure even distribution of the Macrolane. You might also have a follow-up appointment to review the progress of your treatment and ensure the highest possible level of care.

Risks Involved

Although Macrolane is relatively low risk, as it avoids both the possibility of significant scarring associated with invasive surgical procedures and also it does not have the risk of allergic or adverse reaction related to animal based products such as collagen. Nevertheless there are certain risks to any surgical procedure for men, such as infection, and these ought to be thoroughly discussed with your consultant before agreeing to any procedure. The most common side effect is the formation of small hardened lumps of the gel under the skin, but this relatively rare and can be prevented and treated using rigorous massage. If any adverse effects do occur you ought to contact your aesthetic practioner immediately. You can research and check your clinic using online resources such as the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons’ website. This organisation registers all its members with the General Medical Council, and requires them to undergo regular checks and tests to ensure they have the highest possible standards of care, surgical skill and hygiene. You can also research the company that produces Macrolane, which is called Q-Med, and is based in Sweden. Q-Med has an excellent record of safety and high standards in the production and testing of its products.

Costs of Macrolane for men

Treatment starts around £2000 but depends entirely on the individual treatment required for each man, and on the particular surgery you select. You should research thoroughly to ensure the best price and level of care for you. And start by checking your local aesthetic practices or cosmetic surgeries.

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