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Many cosmetic clinics now offer a variety of different payment schemes that will allow you to have your breast implant surgery before you have paid the entire cost of the operation. These finance schemes are always subject to acceptance which means that you will have to have a credit check performed before the company will allow you to take up the monthly payment option. This usually simply involves providing your clinic with your various bank details, house information and the pay that you get from your work. The clinic will often pass this on to an independent credit checking company who will often phone you back within the hour to discuss their findings and confirm any confusing information that they found. Many clinics will offer a decision on your credit check within a specified amount of time (no less than an hour) so you will not be waiting for long to find out whether you can take up the monthly payment route or not.    

There are a number of different ways that you can pay for your breast implant surgery. You might be lucky enough to be able to pay for your surgery in full in one lump sum (and this option will mean that the total cost will be reduced as you will not need to pay any interest or administration fee). Some clinics offer different types of “buy now and pay later” schemes where (for example) you might be able to have you breast implant surgery then have a fixed period (often 6 months) where you do not have to pay anything before you begin monthly repayments. However, the “buy now and pay later” plans often include a high interest rate (typically around 15.9% APR although this is highly variable) so your total cost will be considerably higher. Other monthly payment plans could offer you a lower total sum if you are able to pay a large lump sum upfront and then continue paying off the balance with low monthly repayments.   

If you are going to take up a monthly payment plan to pay for you breast implant surgery then you should be sure to read through all the terms and conditions very carefully. You will probably notice that the clinic will retain the right to withdraw from the scheme at any point during the payment period. This is a fairly standard term that protects the clinic from bankruptcy. You may want to pay particular attention to your rights to pay off the payment faster (or slower) than in the original contract. This would be especially useful if you were suddenly able to pay off the entire cost of your breast implant surgery (where doing so might save you money on interest) or if you were taken ill or had to stop working and needed to reduce your monthly payments. 

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