Padded Bras for a Bigger Bust

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Padded bras work by having extra material within the cup of the bra that gives the impression of a larger breast when worn under your clothing. The shape of the padding is designed in a way that gives the appearance of fuller and toned breasts but there are many different styles available on the market so you should take time to try on lots of different brands to find the one that suites you the best. This is particularly important as different styles of padded bra will be shaped differently on the inside (the side that needs to fit your own breast shape) as well as having different shapes of padding. This means that you might find one style to be really uncomfortable whilst another style might feel brilliant and leave you with increased confidence. Other differences between padded bras include; the number (and design) of clasps at the back (or front) of the bra), underwired or non-underwired, colour and bra material (e.g. lace or cotton etc.)

You will need to keep (discreetly) checking the position of the padding within your padded bra throughout the day to make sure that the material has not fallen out of position due to your movement. This does occasionally happen and will certainly look strange and ruin the illusion of larger breasts (or, even worse, produce the illusion of sagging breasts)!

A common worry that you may have about padded bras is about what happens when you have to take your bra off at the end of the night. Most advice will say two things:

  1. Most people would not notice at this stage of the night
  2. If the other person did notice and made a comment, then you could probably find someone better to spend an evening with

However, you could reduce this difficult situation occurring by minimising the amount of padding that you wear in your bra the night of the big date.

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