Aftercare following Breast Enlargement (Breast Implants)

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It should be the surgeon’s and clinic’s responsibility to closely monitor you after augmentation surgery. Follow-up visits are vital so your enlargements and overall physical health can be monitored and if there are any problems they can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

You will probably have mammograms carried out to check the position of the implant and to ensure everything is in order. Although it is natural to be in some pain for a few days after surgery, constant and abnormal amounts of pain and discomfort should be reported as quickly as possible.

Prescription medicine will be available to treat pain and you should avoid strenuous tasks for at least one week. If your job comprises of mainly deskbound duties then you might be fit to go back after a few days but it is advised to stay off for at least a week. If you have to stand for long periods or exert yourself physically in your place of employment take two weeks off.

Take care of any chores and bills before surgery because you will need to focus your attention on recovering. You will gradually build up your strength in time but don’t exert yourself too much in the early stages.

Scarring can last for several weeks, several months or possibly longer depending on the patient and the procedure.
The aftercare programme that clinics provide could be included in the original cost of the breast implant surgery or it could only be offered for an additional fee. Inquire about this service before paying for the surgery.

Have plenty of comfortable and oversized t-shirts and pyjamas at your disposal. Eat fruit and vegetables but if there is nobody at home to cook, stock up on ready meals beforehand. Do not drink alcohol, avoid smoking and refrain from lifting heavy objects. You might feel frustrated and helpless but put yourself first and just relax!

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