Risks of Breast Enlargement/Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Just because you have breast enlargement surgery you wont automatically look like a celebrity or acquire the look you have always craved. Expectations should be realistic, and you must also be aware of the potential risks attributed to cosmetic surgery.

With any procedure, there is always a slight chance of complications. Some women have blamed botched surgery as the reason for the deterioration of their health. If the implant ruptures, the chemical gel inside silicone implants could leak into the breast tissue and other parts of the body and a number of women believe this is the reason behind joint pains and other illnesses. However, the apparent side effects haven’t been scientifically proven.

The causes of implants breaking or leaking could be down to a manufacturer’s defect or damage inflicted in surgery or in an accident. The implant can also weaken over time and become more susceptible to rupturing.

If the implant does break, leak or your body rejects it; you’ll need to undergo another operation to remove it. Otherwise, the lifespan of an implant is usually around ten years.

Other problems associated with breast enlargements are bleeding, infection and consular contracture. This is when the breast’s skin hardens and it could take on an unwanted shape and lead to scarring.

Saline implants, according to some experts, are safer but there are still concerns. They can rupture more easily, although the solution in the saline implant is thought to be harmless.

The positioning of the implant could affect breast screening, but there is no conclusive proof that breast enlargements increase your chances of developing cancer. Different experts will have different views on all aspects of the potential risks involved in cosmetic surgery, but make sure you have thorough discussions with your surgeon and ask plenty of detailed questions before deciding on having breast augmentation surgery.

Research the clinic where you are having breast enlargement surgery. You will increase the risk of botched surgery if you undergo breast enlargements in unregulated and unsupervised clinics abroad.

Some women who undergo mastectomies where they have fat transferred from other parts of their body to be used for the enlargement. It still hasn’t been proven that this method is 100% safe, although some experts claim this approach will be common place in a few years for all women looking to have breast augmentation.

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