Breast Enlargement without Surgery

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The most obvious alternative method of breast enlargement is through the use of padded or push up bras. Whilst you may have been using these for a while, it might be worth talking to a specialist lingerie shop assistant so that you can buy the top of the range type of bra that will offer you the best breast enlargement currently available. The types and styles of padded and push up bras are vast so it is important that you allow yourself time to try on a number of different types in order to assess which ones you feel most comfortable in and which ones provide you with the desired effect. The price range for these bras is almost as varied as the styles that they offer so you should certainly shop around to find the best deal once you have decided which style and make suits you the best.  

The oral contraceptive pills often have the side effect of increasing your breast size due to the fact that they create fluid retention in your tissues. However, they should not be taken with the sole purpose of breast enlargement due to the other side effects that they may cause you to experience. If you are interested in using oral contraceptive pills as a method of contraception, then you might want to discuss this option with your doctor and mention the fact that you are also interested in the side effect of breast enlargement. This will allow your doctor to help you choose the contraceptive pill that is most appropriate for you i.e. one that is safe, will work as a contraceptive for your given lifestyle and will potentially give you the side effect of breast enlargement whilst minimising other (unwanted) side effects.

There are also numerous other ways of trying to enlarge your breasts including the use of breast enlargement pills, breast enlargement creams, breast massage or using a package of different methods.

Breast Enlargement Creams

Some people will swear by breast enlargement creams and there are certainly a number of internet references that suggests that they work. However you should be aware that there is little concrete scientific evidence of the effectiveness of all the different types of breast enhancement creams. In addition, some breast enlargement creams will work for some people and not others so you might have to try a number of different products before you find one that suits both your body chemistry and your wallet! 

Breast enlargement creams can create a more plumped appearance simply due to their moisturizing effects. In addition, putting on the cream allows you to give your breasts a massage which is also thought to assist in breast enlargement.

Breast Enlargement Pills

The actual effectiveness of the different breast enlargement pills available on the market are hotly debated with some people swearing by them and others labelling them as a hoax. In general they work by containing a chemical that mimics your natural hormone, oestrogen, which is thought to stimulate your breast tissue to grow. However, there is little scientific evidence to prove that these work so if you are considering taking a breast enlargement pill you should first discuss it with your GP and be sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients of the breast enlargement pill. In addition you should be on the lookout for side effects such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea which can develop due to using breast enlargement pills.

Breast Massage

Massaging your breasts (or having a professional massage) stimulates blood flow into your breasts which can increase their size and provide you with a feeling of “fullness” within your breasts. In addition the increased blood flow will stimulate the skin on your breasts to become tighter and firmer and encourage any stretch marks that you might have on your breasts to disappear. Increased skin firmness may not increase the size of your breasts per say, but it could act to give them a perkier appearance. In this way you might consider breast massage as an accompaniment to another method of breast enlargement. The added bonus of breast massage is its relaxing effects!

Breast Enlargement Packages

A number of cosmetic clinics and companies offer breast enlargement packages that typically include a regime of taking breast enlargement pills, putting cream onto your breasts and sticking to a suggested diet and/or exercise regime. Whilst some women have claimed to see an increase in their breast size whilst following these regimes, some experts think that this is more due to a change in diet and exercise regime more than the expensive creams and pills. So, if you are considering buying a package course, you might consider simply changing your diet and exercise routine first to see if this alone has any effect on your breast size. There are numerous exercises that act to strengthen your chest muscles and therefore uplift your breasts and increasing your intake of fat can act to increase your breast size although you will need to do this carefully otherwise you might find that you put on weight in other (unwanted) areas at the same time.


Whilst there are a number of tricks that you can use to give the illusion of an increased breast size, only surgery will give you an immediate change in the size and appearance of your breasts. If you are considering having surgery to increase your breast size then you could use padded bras and careful choices of clothing to enhance your breast confidence as you wait for you surgery date.

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