Push Up Bras for a Bigger Bust

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Push up bras are designed to enhance you cleavage as well as giving you the appearance of having larger breasts and many women use them instead of having breast enlargement surgery (or whilst they are waiting to have surgery). They have under wiring (either metal or plastic) beneath the cups which act to support your breasts from the bottom and add to the uplifting effect of the bra. The bra cup itself will include a padded region at the bottom which can be made of a number of different materials including cotton, silicon or even water sacs. Some of these materials are used so that the mimic the feel of your breasts (so that if you were to feel the bra through your clothing you would not necessarily realise that it was a push up bra. These padded sacs take the place of the bottom of your breasts within the cups of the push up bra and thus act to lift your breasts higher within the bra. This is how they give the appearance of larger breasts.

Push up bras come in many different styles and brands and some are also padded and therefore contain material within the entirety of the cup of the bra to increase the appearance of the size of your breasts all over. There are numerous different colours and strap styles that you can buy and they will all be useful for different clothing and events. With push up bras (more so than other types of bras) it is really important that you know your correct bra size as the exact position of the bottom padding and the position of the sides of the bra will be important to create the overall appearance of rounded and larger breasts whilst not allowing your breasts to fall out of the top of the bra.  

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