Breast Enlargement Creams

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If you are considering enlarging your breasts using a non-surgical method, then you might want to consider trying a breast enlargement cream. These creams have become more popular as women search for “more natural” and cheaper methods to increase their breast size. Whilst some people would certainly debate how “natural” some of the breast enlargement creams really are, they offer an alternative to surgery that may suit your lifestyle and your expectations.

Breast enlargement creams are applied directly to your breasts and contain various chemicals that aim to mimic the natural hormone oestrogen in order to stimulate your breasts to grow. Typical herbal ingredients can include wild yam, saw palmetto, fennel and fenugreek which are all thought to have breast enhancing properties. The topical application of breast enlargement creams (compared to breast enlargement pills) is thought to have benefits due to the more localised effects and therefore the lower potential of producing whole body side effects.

Breast enlargement creams are often sold as part of a whole “breast enlargement package” that may also include breast enlargement pills and a diet or exercise regime. With these package creams you are unlikely to notice any effect if you use them on their own without the help of the pills and change of lifestyle suggested in the package.

Do Breast Enlargement Creams Actually Work

Unfortunately the number of scientific studies on the actual effectiveness of the different breast enlargement creams currently available are very thin on the ground and show widely variable results from person to person. This is due to a number of reasons including different body chemistry, different method of application (using your fingers versus rubbing on with a towel), different times of day of application (after eating, after showering, morning or night time) as well as the amount put on each time.

The amount of substances that can be successfully absorbed by your skin is reasonably limited which reduces the effectiveness of creams (compared to oral pills). In addition, some creams may act as skin irritants which inflame your skin and simply give the appearance of breast enlargement when in fact it is just the skin of your breasts that is swollen.

In general it is thought that whilst breast enlargement creams could help to enlarge your breasts, they are unlikely to be able to provide any large or long lasting effects if used on their own. This is why most breast enlargement creams are sold as part of a breast enlargement package that includes pills and other methods of breast enlargement.

Potential Side Effects and Long Term Health Effects of Using Breast Enlargement Creams

As with all other creams, you could have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients so you will need to stop using your breast enlargement cream if you develop a rash around your breasts. You should consult your doctor immediately if the rash gets any worse or does not disappear within a few days of stopping use of the breast enlargement cream. If you start to have problems breathing due to using your breast enlargement cream then you may be having a severe allergic reaction to the ingredients and you should head straight to your local accident and emergency department.

Typical side effects include feelings of breast tightening which is often simply a by-product of the moisturizing effect of the breast enlargement cream on the skin of your breasts. Some people will get a mild rash or red skin appearing on their breasts which disappears within a few hours of putting on the cream the first time but can continue to use the cream without the appearance of the rash subsequently. Your skin may feel “prickly” or “tingly” due to the nature of the cream which might only be a mild feeling, but if it becomes really over-powering or painful then you should certainly stop using the cream and consider consulting your GP if it does not disappear within a few days.  

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