Breast Augmentation for Larger Breasts

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There are many reasons for someone wanting to have breast augmentation, one of which is to achieve much larger breasts. Large breast implants, making your breasts larger than a DD cup size, will make a very big change to your appearance, making clothes fit you differently and your chest appear dramatically larger than before.  This might be just what you want, and can improve your body confidence. However, having larger implants can make side effects more likely. 

The larger your implants, the more important it is that you are educated about the implications surrounding the surgery and that your surgeon is very experienced.  There are more risks associated with large breast implants than smaller, more subtle ones.  If you want extremely large breast implants then it is advised that you have this performed over a series of augmentations, gradually getting larger. 

Risks with having larger Breast Implants

Having a large implant size can increase the risk of the augmentation surgery, and might lead to further procedures to address these problems.  Large implant sizes are more likely to:

  • Lead to capsular contracture, hardening and soreness of the breast
  • Rupture when under pressure
  • Appear very obvious or too large
  • Make a difference to how you can exercise and your physique
  • Large implants take longer to complete, therefore the surgery will take around two hours, and there is a chance that you will need further surgery in order to finish the augmentation process.  The longer your surgery takes, the more at risk you are to anaesthetic problems
  • Give you additional pain after surgery

Despite these risks many people do still opt for larger breast implants, wanting to make a real difference to their body. 

Measures to take when having Large Breast Implants

If you decide that you wish to make a dramatic difference to the size of your breasts and want a large breast implant, then it is very important that you:

  • Find a very experienced and qualified surgeon who has a lot of past case studies of large breast implants.
  • Make sure that you are certain that this is what you want.  Future surgery can prove costly. 
  • Look at photos of case studies and previous surgeries performed by your chosen plastic surgeon.
  • Ensure that you have appropriate time off work and relaxation to best recover following your surgery.
  • Look into having your breast gradually enhanced, with a progression of surgeries rather that one very dramatic implant.  This can make the process less painful and avoid over-stretching the breast tissue.

Having large breast implants can achieve your dream, and allow you to feel confident about your body.  However the additional risks need to be taken into account and precautions taken to reduce the potential for unwanted side effects or health problems.

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