Breast Implants for Fuller Breasts

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Achieving fuller looking breasts is a common reason for wanting breast implants, and implants can help you to achieve fuller, natural looking breasts.  The shape of your breasts can be changed to enhance your bust without necessarily adding any size if this it what you want.  You may want this surgery due to a condition that you suffer from or to rectify changes in your breasts after pregnancy or the menopause or because you are unhappy with the natural shape of your breasts and wish to correct this.

Reasons for breast shaping implants

There are many reasons why someone might want to change the shape of their breasts.  Everyone is unique and your breasts are likely to be very different to those of your friends.  Sometimes it is the case that breasts develop into an unusual shape, lacking the coveted round, full shape that so many women wish for.

  • Tubular Breast Syndrome.  There is a very rare condition known as ‘Tubular Breast Syndrome’, which means that breasts develop abnormally.  This is a hereditary condition that becomes apparent during puberty but can cause real concerns.  Implants can help to shape the breast and allow a normal appearance.
  • Differences in size.  Sometimes during puberty one breast will grow larger than the other.  Having breast implants can allow an evenness of the breasts.
  • During the menopause a woman’s breasts will often lose some of their fullness, and this can be replaced using breast augmentation surgery.  The surgery can apply the lost shape to the breast without adding more size.
  • Unhappiness with the natural shape of the developed breasts.

The shape of a woman’s breasts can really affect the way that they feel about their body and their self-confidence.  Having surgery to add shape to the breasts can help to rectify any problems caused by abnormal breast shape or a loss of volume.

Surgeons are very familiar with breast augmentation for fuller looking breasts, and offer a variety of shapes for different breast sizes.  They will talk you through how your implants will shape your breasts, and how they will look when completed.  Your surgeon ought to be able to provide you with a range of previous before and after photographs of previous clients to give you a better idea of how breast implants can reshape your breasts, achieving greater fullness.

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