Clothing to Increase the Appearance of Your Breast Size

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In order to fully utilize your current breast size you should be sure to carefully choose your clothing (especially tops and swim suits). You will enhance the apparent size of your breasts by wearing V-neck tops or tops that have ruffled neck lines. If you are thinking about buying a dress then you could think about wearing one that is gathered around the bust and has an empire waistline. This will focus more attention to your breasts (which will give an appearance of an increased breast size). If you are wearing a shirt then you could pull the neck of the shirt down so that you can just see the top of your bra and consider buying shirts with pockets or wide lapels as these features will also enhance the apparent size of your breasts.

For swim wear you could consider wearing padded bikini tops that will include material that will make your breasts look fuller. Wearing underwire swim suits can also help give the illusion of larger breasts by pushing them up (and have the added advantage of providing support as you swim or play beach volley ball). It is thought that triangular bikini tops are good at creating cleavage and thus enhance the appearance of your breasts however, some people find this shape uncomfortable and you might become preoccupied with ensuring that you don’t fall out of your top. It is a good idea to try a variety of styles to see what gives you the most confidence (and support).    

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