Recovery After Breast Enlargement (Breast Implants)

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After undergoing augmentation surgery you will be closely monitored by the surgeon and nurse counselor to ensure everything is in order. When you wake up, you are likely to be in some pain and discomfort but this is perfectly normal after surgery and you will be given painkillers to help you through it.

Once the clinic’s staff is satisfied with your progress, they will give you the all-clear to go home. But you won’t be able to leave unassisted so make sure somebody is available to drive you.

Your support bra should stay on until advised otherwise to help with the surgical wound’s healing. Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking as this could compromise your recovery and prolong the discomfort. Pink scarring will persist around the breasts but eventually fade over time.
Take it easy and don’t rush yourself during recovery. The recovery time all depends on the individual and their circumstances, but you should be back to your vibrant self within two weeks. It is very important not to undertake arduous activities for at least ten days, though light activities such as walking should be achievable within 24 hours.

The type of job duties in your place of employment should determine when you are able to go back to work. If you’re mainly deskbound, you might be able to return within a week, but if you have to carry loads then you should take a bit longer.

You will have to put time aside for your follow-up examinations with your surgeon, which are very important. The surgeon will be able to see how you are progressing and detect any problems quickly. If you feel your breasts change shape and colour in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable then contact your surgeon as soon as possible.

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