Macrolane Breast Injections ("Boob Jab")

Macrolane is one of the newest ways of enhancing breast size without resorting to intrusive surgery. Instead the hyaluronic acid gel is inserted into the breasts via injections, and because of this the procedure is also more commonly known as the ‘boob jab’. It is also possible to use the Macrolane injections on various other parts of the body. For example the procedure can also be used to improve the definition of the muscles on the calves and buttocks therefore making this treatment open to both men and women. The Macrolane injections can also be used to help scarred skin regain a smooth and soft look and can also be used to improve the appearance of previous cosmetic surgeries. Although used on other parts of the body, the vast majority of Macrolane procedures are normally used to improve the size and volume of breasts.

Women that opt for Macrolane injections are those seeking breast enhancement due to small breasts or following breast feeding. Macrolane is becoming increasingly popular for those wanting to increase the size of their cleavage and those who have breast fed and are left with breasts that lack volume. However, the injections are only able to increase the size of a woman’s breast by up to 1-cup size, so therefore if a patient wants more of an obvious and noticeable change in their breast size then implants are still recommended as the best medical treatment to achieve this more dramatic result.

The Macrolane Injections

The Macrolane treatment has also been coined as the ‘natural way’ to enhance your body as the degradable acid gel which is inserted is a naturally occurring acid which exists within the body of an animal. The treatment can also be described as a walk in walk out procedure as it often only takes 1-2 hours for the entire process to take place. Also as the procedure is less invasive than other breast surgeries there is a lot less time needed to recover from the procedure, with little or no bruising which for a lot of patients is a key factor when choosing their medical treatment.

Therefore due to this more natural nature of the procedure the effect is a lot more subtle and delicate which ultimately leads to a less false looking cosmetic enhancement. Also due to the procedure using no intrusive surgery there are no scars left from the treatment and it only requires a local anaesthetic which obviously carries a lower risk of going under general anaesthetic. These facts could be the reason that the number of Macrolane procedures has drastically increased in recent years.

Price of Macrolane Injections

The price of Macrolane injections ranges in price with the amount used, however for the average breast treatment it costs around £2,000 to £3,500. Although with the treatment only lasting between 12-18 months, several Macrolane treatments will be needed in a lifetime if you want to keep the benefits of the injections permanent.

Clinics offering Macrolane Breast Enhancement

Macrolane injections are now widely available in many different clinics both in the UK and abroad. In the UK and Ireland alone there are numerous clinics that are care quality commissioned (CQC) and offering this service. The usual service that is offered to prospective Macrolane patients is an initial meeting between the surgeon and the patient and they will discuss the results that they are looking for from the treatment and the surgeon will then be able to say what is achievable and what is not. At these initial consultancy meetings your past medical history will be taken into account and it will be assessed to see if you are a suitable candidate for the Macrolane treatment. Plus it is the job of the surgeon to discuss with all prospective patients the potential risks and side effects that could affect you during and after the treatment. Macrolane injections are also available in many European counties and as with many cosmetic procedures, abroad the price tends to be a little more discounted than that of the UK equivalent.

Macrolane Breast Enlargement Risks

Even though Macrolane has become a hugely popular and widely demanded procedure there are still risks and side effects that you will have to consider. There is a chance of swelling and bruising around the site of the injection, and there is also a risk that there may be some mild inflammation due to a reaction with the hyaluronic acid that is within the gel. Further, there is also the risk of capsular contraction that is apparent in all kinds of breast surgeries, which can be extremely painful and affect the look and feel of the treated areas. Plus with the area that is treated being under local anaesthetic there lays the usual risks of undergoing = such treatment for example, a reaction to the anaesthetic. There is also a chance of infection as there is with all injections and therefore thorough post-surgery care should be taken to ensure that the wound is kept clean and infection free, however if an infection does occur then antibiotics will be prescribed.

Alternative Options

The alternatives to Macrolane injections are mostly intrusive surgeries which obviously offer more health risks. The surgical alternatives that are offered are breast enlargement surgery with implants or fat transfer and breast uplift surgery otherwise known as a ‘Mastopexy. Plus there is also a new market on the rise that is claiming herbal tablets such as ‘The Perfect C’ work well to enhance your breast size without surgery or injections. But like Macrolane all of these alternatives have their own benefits, risks and side effects and they all need to be extensively researched.

Considering the many factors of Macrolane, it does indeed seem to be the next big thing when it comes to cosmetic procedures as there are many benefits to the treatment that none of its alternative treatments can offer. Further, with more people than ever before having cosmetic surgery the demand for a faster, less painful and less intrusive surgery such as Macrolane will grow.

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