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Macrolane for Calves

Macrolane is an extremely versatile treatment which can be very effective on a variety of areas and conditions. Macrolane is extremely useful in toning or enhancing your body, such as: to reduce the appearance of wrinkles; firm and tone calves and arms; enlarge breasts without the need for invasive surgery; and to shape and tone buttocks. As well as the aesthetic enhancement potential of the treatment, it can also be used to treat skin deformities such as scarring and concavities left after other surgical procedures, like liposuction.

The calves are an area of the body which is often on show, and yet are notoriously difficult to exercise and tone. Both men and women could see excellent improvement in this area after a treatment with Macrolane, without the risk of invasive surgical procedures. For women, this area is often exposed in order to wear the latest fashions and short skirts or leg hugging boots will appear even more on trend with Hollywood legs to match your outfit. For men, this part of the leg is likely to be the only part on show when wearing shorts in the summer or at the gym and is therefore under the most scrutiny. Enhancing the muscle tone of this area could boost the self-esteem and ego of a man or woman, and Macrolane could be the answer to this. Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid based product, which activates the body’s natural processes by emulating chemicals already found in your skin. Macrolane is used to smooth and even skin texture as well as create a taught and toned look, and the product is incredibly popular due to its almost immediate results and non-surgical application. The legs of your dreams could be within your grasp with a few small injections of Macrolane.

What is treatment for calves with Macrolane like?

Invasive surgical procedures can be risky and intimidating for most people who are considering cosmetic procedures, which is why Macrolane could provide an alternative more suitable for you.  Once you have booked and undergone a full consultation with your aesthetic practioner you will receive an appointment for your treatment. You will receive a series of small injections of Macrolane along both calves, and because of the minimal invasive nature of the treatment this can be done under local anaesthetic.  Results can be seen almost immediately as the hyaluronic acid within Macrolane will begin to work with your natural acids in your calves.

Once the procedure has taken place you will most likely be left with slight tenderness around the treated area as well as little redness and swelling .The manufactures of Macrolane promise a quick recovery time and you ought to be able to return to work within a couple of days of treatment. Your aesthetic practioner will schedule a follow-up consultancy in which they will advise you on after-care, such as firmly massaging the treated area. Usually Macrolane has a good effect lasting around a year, although this can vary between individuals.

Risks Involved

As Macrolane uses the body’s natural processes, and is biodegradable and is absorbed within the body over time there is little chance of an adverse effect. Unlike collagen you need not undergo the uncomfortable skin tests and are at a much lower risk of an allergic reaction, as it is a non-animal based product. There is a small risk of the gel becoming hardened under the skin, but a good routine of post-care including firm massage of the treated area ought to prevent this. If any adverse effects do occur you ought to consult your aesthetic practioner or general practioner immediately. With any type of medical procedure there is a risk of infection or adverse reaction, and your aesthetic practioner ought to thoroughly discuss all of these risks before you agree to undertake any procedure. The company that produces Macrolane is called Q-Med, and is based in Sweden. Q-Med has an excellent record of safety and high standards in the production and testing of its products. To ensure you have approached a good clinic you can visit the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons’ website or check if your aesthetic practioner is a member. This organisation registers all its members with the General Medical Council, and requires them to undergo regular checks and tests to ensure they have the highest possible standards of care, surgical skill and hygiene.

Costs of Macrolane for calves

In general, a treatment with Macrolane costs between £2000 and £3500. The cost varies depending on the area of treatment, and on the individual receiving the gel. This price is discretionary and is dependant on the individual clinics, and to find the best possible deal and level of care for you, you ought to ask around your local aesthetic clinics to ensure the best price.  As the treatment lasts between nine and twelve months you might also have to consider the costs of retreatment.

Costs for the calve area vary depending on the treatment tailored to you as well as individual clinics. To ensure the best price and type of care for you, it is worth researching your local aesthetic clinics. The cost tends to start around £2000, and this treatment ought to last between nine and twelve so you ought to factor in the cost of retreatment.

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