Types Pay Monthly Schemes for Breast Implants

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Most monthly finance schemes will require you to pay a deposit upfront which is often around £500 but will vary between different clinics and clinic locations. However, some claim to have no upfront fees involved. This claim can often be misleading so it would be wise for you to read the terms and conditions very carefully in this case. By providing an upfront lump sum you could reduce your monthly payments and may find that your surgery offers a 0% finance scheme where you can pay off the remaining balance through fixed monthly sums. Other types of monthly finance schemes could include flexible finance (where you have the ability to alter the amount that you pay each month) and finance schemes that you could set up through various credit cards or loan companies.

Buy Now and Pay Later Monthly Finance Schemes

Finance schemes that do not include any upfront fees are often known as “buy now and pay later” schemes and typically allow you a fixed period payment “break” (after your surgery) before you have to start paying off your balance. However these “buy now and pay later” schemes often include a high interest rate so you will end up paying a lot more money than the advertised cost of your breast implant surgery. If you need to use this type of monthly payment plan then you should be sure to shop around to find the lowest interest rates offered by different clinics.

Low Monthly Repayment Schemes

 “Low monthly repayment” schemes will usually require you to put down a large lump sum before your surgery as a deposit (which is taken off the amount that you then have to pay off each month) that is usually around 65% of the total amount. This means that the total amount that you end up paying for your breast implant surgery will be slightly more than the amount advertised (which often does not include administration fees or the interest rate for the monthly repayments) but either be a flat rate or a percentage of the lump sum that you want to pay off).  

Using a Specialist Credit Card or Loan

If you are considering using a monthly finance scheme to pay for your breast implant surgery but your clinic does not offer monthly payment options then you might be considering paying for your surgery with a credit card and paying off the balance in weekly deposits. Whilst this is certainly an option, you should be aware of the high interest rates provided by most standard credit cards. There are credit cards available that are specifically designed for you to use to pay for healthcare. These healthcare specific credit cards often have added benefits such as specifying a monthly sum and length of payment period and most of them have lower interest rates. You might even be able to find one that includes specific insurance or terms that allow you to take out further money if you find that you need follow up treatments. will be substantially lower than if you take up a monthly payment scheme that includes a higher interest rate. The downside of these schemes is the need to provide a large upfront sum which you might not have access to.

Some clinics offer 0% finance schemes either by providing a loan for a fixed amount which has to be paid off in fixed monthly sums (usually over a short period of time, such as 10 months). These will usually have very strict terms and conditions where you will sign a contract to agree to pay (for example) twelve equal sums over a period of twelve months. The advantage of these schemes is that you will not pay any interest, however there will usually be high administrative fees, you will need to be accepted to receive the loan amount and the terms and conditions of the loan usually offer very little flexibility.

Flexible Finance Schemes to Pay for Your Breast Implant Surgery

Flexible finance schemes will allow you to pay off more (or less) money as your cash flow changes whilst you pay for your breast implant surgery. This flexibility could suit you if you think that you will want to pay off your balance quicker as time goes on. However, the more flexible schemes do occasionally have higher interest rates so you will need to weigh up the likelihood of you wanting to take advantage of the flexibility and the higher interest rate. On the other hand, non-flexible schemes could also allow you to pay off a lump sum in return for an additional charge (which could

If you are considering using a standard credit card to pay for your breast implant surgery you may want to first compare the rates offered by using a bank loan (which could work in the same way). Be sure to shop around for the lowest interest rates and pay particular attention to the terms and conditions that specify your right to pay off in larger lump sums than originally expected as well as your right to reduce your monthly payments in times when your money is tight.

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