Boob Job Basics

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There are far more options available for those seeking cosmetic surgery than ever before, with technology advancing continuously to move toward easier and quicker procedures. However, despite the reduced taboo surrounding having nip and tucks carried out, the fact still remains that boob jobs, liposuctions and tummy tucks are surgeries that need to be performed under anaesthetic.

With this in mind, it's important to take a responsible and sensible attitude toward your surgery and view a boob job as the operation that it is. A good surgeon will be happy to guide you through the whole process answering questions in your initial consultations right through until the big day. However, it's also useful to speak to those who have had the same procedure carried out, which is something else your clinic should be able to arrange for you. One of the advantages of gaining the insight from another patient is that you can adequately prepare for the period after the operation and gain a realistic perspective. Although the standard amount of time recommended to take off from work post-surgery is only one week, this will depend on the nature of your job. Having breast implants will also impact on other areas of your life that you may not have considered - many women are not able to lift their children for many weeks after the procedure is carried out, which may mean you need to seek the help of friends and relatives with childcare.

In addition to time off work and avoiding physical activity, post-op patients can expect to wear a support bra for up to six weeks to help the implants settle and attend regular follow up consultations to ensure your operation has been a success and avoid complications such as infection.

Breast augmentation information is widely available online on various clinic websites and information guides. There are some standard dos and don'ts you can expect to follow:

  • Most clinics will ask patients to stay overnight before the operation
  • You will not be allowed to consume food or liquids for at least six hours before surgery
  • You will need to avoid many anti-flammatory medications, anticoagulants, vitamins and supplements in the weeks running up to the operation. However, you should not stop taking any prescribed medication without advice from a doctor.
  • You will be asked to shower fully before the procedure is carried out
  • Contact lenses, jewellery and makeup should all be removed before surgery

Some patients choose to take arnica in advance of cosmetic surgery with a view to reducing any bruising experienced as a result of the procedure.

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