Breasts Shrinking due to Weight Loss

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Everyone is different, and your body will change in ways that maybe someone else’s might not.  When losing weight it is possible that the first place it will go is your breasts, someone else will lose weight everywhere but their breasts.  If you are overweight and start to lose weight naturally then it is more than likely that your breasts will start to reduce in size.

Your breasts are mainly made up of fatty tissue, so if you start to lose weight it is likely that this fat will start to dissipate.  It has been estimated that for every 15 pounds of weight lost, you are likely to lose one cup size.  If you wish to help this process along you can use special weight training to target specific areas.  This can even be used to boost the size of your breasts if you are wanting to lose weight and keep your cup size.

Breast implants & weight loss

If you have breast implants and lose a lot of weight it is likely that your breasts’ appearance will change somewhat.  The implant will remain as before, however the surrounding tissues will change as your lose weight.  It is possible that if you experience severe weight loss the appearance of your breasts will change if you have implants.  They may look:

  • Wrinkled as the skin has less substance behind them
  • Saggy as the position of the breast changes
  • Less shapely
  • Dimpled

If this is the case then you may require further surgery to lift the breasts and return them to their previous appearance. If you intend to lose a lot of weight and wish to have breast implant surgery, it is a good idea to wait, and have the surgery after your weight loss.  This will reduce the chance of you requiring future surgery and will allow your surgeon the best opportunity to give you the breasts that you truly want. 

Implants to help with breast shape after losing weight

If you lose a substantial amount of weight you might find that the shape and fullness of your breasts are altered, causing them to droop or sag, sometimes with excess skin visible.  This may also occur after pregnancy, following the menopause or as a part of the aging process, and can cause you to lose confidence in your body, wishing to make changes in order to restore your breasts to their original shape.  Breast augmentation can help you to achieve this, allowing more shapely and well-positioned breasts for those who have lost definition. The implants can help to:

  • Reposition the breasts, to lift them and prevent ‘sag’
  • Create better shape, allowing a rounder shape
  • Create better fullness of the area, making the breasts appear pert and filling excess skin

Breast implants ought not to be used until you have lost all of the weight that you intend, as further weight loss may require additional surgery to reposition the implants.  Every woman is different, and when you lose weight it is possible that little will be lost from your breasts.  For some women, however, this is the first place that changes when losing weight, and the reduction of cup size and the change in appearance of the breasts can be quite distressing. 

If you are uncertain about whether breast implants will help with your specific circumstances or wish to gain further information then your surgeon will be able to talk you through breast augmentation and how it can benefit you during a consultation session.  During this consultation you will be able to go through other case studies of women who have previously had the procedure and view photos of the effect of the surgery.  This will give you a very good idea of how breast implants could help to restore your breasts and give them more shape.

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