Liposculpture Recovery & Risks

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There maybe small amounts of swelling with liposculpture due to the very small incisions. The gentle procedure ensures that the recovery time is short.  You will be able to leave the hospital a few hours after your surgery, and return to work within a couple of days.  Heavy lifting and strenuous activities ought to be avoided for a few weeks, but within a month you will make a full recovery.  Your surgeon will fully inform you of any additional activities you can do to speed up your recovery, such as creams, massages or exercises.

Liposculpture is a more precise form of liposuction, and the pre and post surgical procedures are the same.  You will have to be honest with your surgeon and let them know about any health problems you may have had previously or are currently having.  Smoking will not aid your recovery, and you will need to make arrangements for help leaving the hospital and for the next few days of your recovery.  This will allow your surgeon to minimise all risks and help you to enjoy your results quickly.

Fluid Imbalances with Liposculpture

Liposculpture involves the use of tumescent fluids and they can affect the fluids in your body.  Too much used can have serious health implications, putting strain on your major organs and possibly becoming toxic if left for too long. 

Blood clots with Liposculpture

Blood clots can occur through any form of surgery and can cause serious problems and even death if they become dislodged and then stuck elsewhere.  Blood clots can be removed if they are detected. 

Infection with Liposculpture

Infections can occur if there are any incisions or punctures to the skin, and these can become potentially dangerous if left alone.  Luckily infections are easily treated using antibiotics, but you need to be aware of the signs and catch them early.

Bruising & bleeding with Liposculpture

There will be some bruising, swelling and bleeding with the liposculpture process but this will be minimal due to the gentle techniques engaged. 

Risks involved with liposculpture are very rare, and there are generally very few complications.  You surgeon will discuss the risks involved with the procedure with you in your consultations and help you to make a full recovery. 

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