Liposuction Buttocks (Bum)

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The shape of your buttocks is due to the fat under the skin, and by remoulding the fat your surgeon can sculpt the shape of your buttocks very effectively.  The shape of buttocks is very much a part of our body ideal, with everyone wanting pert, rounded and symmetrical buttocks.  The liposuction to this area needs to be very precise, and small sized cannulas and probes will be used so that there is less damage to the surface skin, and the surgery can be performed with accuracy. Liposuction to the buttocks with a large cannula can produce bumpy results, not conforming to the smooth, rounded ideal.

No form of liposuction or liposelection can produce a crease below the buttocks, marking where the buttocks end and the thigh begins.  This is a natural feature that cannot be reproduced or enhanced by the use of liposuction. 

Depending on which area of your buttocks is your concern, liposuction can produce good results.  Sometimes you need to accept that less fat can be removed than you want, as your surgeon will inform you removing fat from this area can produce complications with respect to shape, and as a result you ought to think of remodelling the fat on your bum, as opposed to having fat removed from it.

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