Liposculpture & Body Sculpting

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Liposculpture is a highly advanced form of liposuction.  If you want to reshape a part of your body but don’t want too much fat to be removed then liposculpture is the procedure whereby a surgeon moulds the fat so shape is changed or the muscles are more defined.  Liposculpture or body contouring is becoming more and more popular, as a way of reshaping a body area that might not be responding to exercise or diet.  People who go to the gym and exercise and eat a controlled diet can have issues with their bodies just the same as people who might be overweight.  Liposculpture is a way of rectifying these problems.

Procedures for Liposculpture

There are only certain techniques that are most appropriate for liposculpture, as the procedure needs to be incredibly precise and gentle.  UAL has been redeveloped into VASER and VASER HighDef, both are very gentle and very accurate ways of exterminating fat but the HighDef version is more suited to body contouring.  This technique targets specific fat cells, and can be used to re-mould the fat in order to achieve a more toned figure.  Muscles can be made to appear bigger and certain body areas can be enlarged or shaped.  Laser liposuction can also be used for the same effect, although the production of collagen can be better stimulated by UAL. 

Liposculpture is usually performed under a local anaesthetic and can only take an hour or so to complete, depending on how much fat is being removed or sculpted.  Sometimes liposculpture can take longer than liposuction, due to the accuracy needed, and the time it might take to model a body area.  The liposculpture is very gentle and there are generally no complications to the procedure.  Bruising and bleeding are minimal, and the tissues near to the fat that is being removed is generally left unaffected.  Tumescent fluids are injected to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible and after this occurs the laser or probe is inserted to loosen the fat cells in order to remove them as easily as possible.  A cannula or a suction tool will also be used to suction out any fat cells that need to be removed.

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