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There are many companies that now specialise in providing money for those who wish to have cosmetic surgery but cannot afford to pay the whole fee at once.  These are private companies who charge interest on the loan.  However, if you are desperate for the surgery then this might become a viable option for you.  You will need to inform them of your financial status and if they are not happy with this then your loan will be refused.M

Amounts available for liposuction loans

Generally you can get a loan for any cosmetic surgery or liposuction that is going to cost over £1000.  There is no upper limit to the loan you can obtain, although you might need to prove that all of the money is for cosmetic surgery rather than anything else. 

Types of loans available for liposuction

Using a loan to pay for your liposuction is a popular way to fund the surgery, and lots of information and different companies can be found online.  There are two types of loan available to help you pay for your liposuction, secure and unsecured.  If you can afford to put some money down first then you are eligible for a secured loan.  These loans will have less of an interest rate and might allow you to pay them back quicker than otherwise.  You are more likely to be allowed to take out a loan for cosmetic surgery if you can put some of the money up front.  The company you go through to obtain a loan for your liposuction will often take a percentage of your repayments to cover their costs.  The amount they take varies on your individual loan type and size, but can be up to 10%.  This can be a lot of money to repay over a long period of time, and you will need to discuss repayment with the loan company you are considering. Some people get a lawyer to check over any documents you are required to sign to ensure that you are fully aware of the terms.  A variable loan is one which will change as the market and inflation rates change, so your repayments will differ over time.  A fixed loan means that repayments will always be paid back at the same rate, so there will always be some form of percentage that is extra, but this is the same every time.  It has been shown that over time a variable rate generally means you pay back less interest on your loan, but it would be worth talking to your bank or to an expert if you want proper advice on specific loan types and your individual loan. 

Applying for a liposuction loan

You can apply for a loan either online, and the loan company will get back to you once you give your information, or over the phone.  Often you can get an instant answer online and over the phone.  However, sometimes it may take a few days for the company to get back to you.  They will ask you questions about your job, how much money you earn a year, any past credit problems and whether you have been called to attend court due to financial reasons.  If this is the case then it will be more difficult for you to get a loan at a reasonable price.  You won’t need to tell the loan company about the actual procedure that you want to have, as they deal only with the finances behind the surgery.

Liposuction loans if you have bad credit

You don’t need to completely give up on obtaining a loan to finance your liposuction if you do have a history of bad credit.  Often these past circumstances might put the price of the loan up, making you eventually pay out a lot more than perhaps you might without such history, but it is still possible for you to get a loan for your liposuction.  Be careful about putting up assets such as your home against a loan.  This needs serious consideration, repossessions will occur if you don’t keep up the payments. 

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