VASER Liposelection/Liposuction

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Introduced in 2002, VASER liposuction is the latest, and more accurate, form of Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction.  It uses a specialised probe which allows for greater accuracy than previous forms of UAL, with the use of a pulsed delivery of sound energy.  VASER stands for ‘Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance’ and includes many new changes to UAL techniques.  The energy used is applied using a pulsating probe to further aid fat breakdown.  The technique leaves the fat cells which are essential to the body, and liquefies the rest, causing minimal damage to other remaining tissues.  

VASER Liposelection Suitability

VASER Lipo, can be used for patients who want body reshaping as well as for those who want a significant amount of fat removed from their bodies.  The VASER method has been reported to remove three times the amount of fat within a given area than laser techniques and traditional Ultrasonic-assisted Liposuctions, within a shorter amount of time. 

VASER can be used for almost all body areas, avoiding the face and other more sensitive places that aren’t suitable for fat removal.  As well as this, VASER can be used to re-sculpt body areas to make them appear more toned and muscular.  This can be achieved due to the high level of accuracy the technique allows, and for people who are already relatively fit, and of a moderate weight, the reshaping can produce dramatic results.  Muscles can be defined and shape given to specific areas in order to make you appear a lot fitter and healthier. This is referred to as ‘VASER Highdef’ or VASER LipoSelection.

As with other forms of liposuction VASER is not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, who suffer from previous serious health problems, who are severely overweight or obese or those who are on certain medications.  It is essential that you discuss this, and your health history, with your surgeon.

VASER Liposelection Results

The results of VASER can be seen immediately after it has been performed, with the complete results visible three to six months afterwards, as your body continues to breakdown the fat cells loosened by the procedure.  

VASER Liposelection Advantages

  • Less time needed to remove the fat cells using suction tools
  • More fat cells can be removed at any given time
  • Fast recovery time
  • Very low amounts of bruising, bleeding and other bodily trauma
  • Ability to use it as a reshaping technique for those who are already quite healthy due to increased accuracy
  • Skin is known to tighten quickly around areas treated
  • Areas that might normally be avoided due to the increased chance of bleeding can be treated as blood vessels are undamaged.

Because of these advantages VASER liposelection/VASER liposuction is becoming increasingly popular.  It is the most advanced, and also the safest, form of UAL available at the moment.

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