Liposculpture Suitability

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If you are having problems with a specific area of your body but already are quite fit and of a normal size, exercise and diet can sometimes make only a minimal impact on certain, stubborn areas of fat cells.  Liposculpture can help to make these areas smaller, the muscles more defined or a bodily area a bit more shapely.  You need to be within a small percentage of your ideal bodily weight and be relatively fit and healthy to have liposculpture.  Any health problems that you have might be problematic, and need to be discussed with your surgeon.  Most importantly you need to be realistic about what liposculpture can do, and whether of not you will be happy with this. 

Liposculpture is different from liposuction.  It shouldn’t be used to remove a substantial amount of weight, and should instead be viewed as a way to reshape specific body areas, a contouring technique.  Liposculpture can help to make muscles look a lot more defined – helping to create a six pack, or shapely thighs.  

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