Liposuction on the NHS

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Liposuction is usually seen as a cosmetic surgery, not entirely necessary for the overall health of the individual.  As a result of this NHS funded liposuction surgery is very rare.  There are certain cases whereby liposuction will be provided for on the NHS.  A few of these are conditions that cause swelling and build up of excess fluids, ailments that involve fat build up in obscure and unsymmetrical places or formation of lumps under the skin.  In order to find out if you are eligible for NHS treatment, you will need to talk to your GP and be assessed by both them and a surgeon.  If you are deemed eligible then you will be able to have free liposuction.  Most people, however, have to pay for it themselves, not being able to have liposuction on the NHS or to claim for it through health insurance. 

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