Liposuction Arms

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Liposuction of the arms is most common for women, larger arms being considered unfeminine within our culture.  As a general rule the amount of fat that can easily be removed through arm liposuction is that which hangs down when you straighten your arms away from your body.   This is often referred to as bat wings, and often leads to great embarrassment.  Liposuction on this area is quite common and effective, leaving small incisions and a quick recovery.  Your surgeon will have to be quite precise in such a visible and complicated area therefore more accurate forms of liposuction such as UAL or laser treatments might be the most effective. 

The surgery ought to take no longer than an hour or so, and although the recovery will be ongoing for many months, short-term effects will be visible.  Once any swelling, (which should be minimal), has dissipated the more toned appearance and reduced size of the arms will be noticeable.  Any scars that are necessary will be placed so that they won’t be seen, and the scarring will be small due to the size of the incision needed to insert the probes and cannulas. 

Having liposuction on the arms can help to make you feel more confident in certain situations and allow you to have the option of wearing short-sleeved tops without feeling self-conscious about your appearance.   

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