Liposuction Breasts

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The breasts can lose or gain weight for several reasons throughout your life.  During puberty as they are developing sometimes breasts become too large.  Likewise this can occur after pregnancy or through the menopause, (due to hormones), or after putting on or losing a lot of weight.  Sometimes you may have large breasts merely due to genetics.  Big problems can occur due to this, such as back problems, neck pain, difficulties taking part in sporting activities, or embarrassment. 

Traditional breast surgery, (mammoplasty), is very invasive and serious, with a general anaesthetic and scars that will be permanently visible.  Liposuction can minimise the scarring and any additional stress by making the surgery smooth with as little trauma as possible.  Liposuction is only suitable for minimal to moderate breast reduction, and cannot be used when the nipple might need correcting.   You GP or surgeon will be able to advise you as to which sort of breast reduction would be most suitable for your circumstance. 

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