Booking an Appointment for Liposuction

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Initial appointments for liposuction are offered either as free, or are included in the price of your surgery.  It is easy to get an appointment, all you need to do is call the clinic that you are interested in, or email them if they have a website.  Finding the surgery or clinic could be the most challenging part, and is dependant on the type of liposuction you decide to have and how far you are willing to travel.  Your GP may have information about clinics in your area. The General Medical Council may also provide information on surgeons and cosmetic surgery clinics across the country.   

If you are anxious about booking an appointment for liposuction and visiting a cosmetic surgery clinic, it may be an idea to take a friend/family member for support. Liposuction can require considerable financial investment and is an important decision in which you may require help from others. 

Many cosmetic surgery clinics offer advice and information over the phone and can spend a considerable amount of time going through all your liposuction queries. However, to find out if the surgery is right for you, you will need to book an appointment for a consultation and let a surgeon examine you and advise you properly. 

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