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It is really important that you choose your clinic and your surgeon wisely.  Over the past 15 years millions of pounds have been repaid to people whose surgery wasn’t successful.  Although it is rare in liposuction it is still very important that you make sure you have done your homework.  Certain forms of liposuction are only available in specific clinics, as they are relatively new and not that many surgeons are qualified to carry them out.  You can find clinics for most forms of liposuction, such as VASER or laser liposuction.  Like finding a surgeon, finding a clinic ought to be relatively easy with information online and available from your GP and from the General Medical Council. 

There are several country-wide clinics or chains that pride themselves on reputation and so will have high standards and good surgeons that work there.  They conduct inspections of all of their clinics to ensure on-going quality and safety.  These clinics will have websites and are easily accessible.  It might be worth getting quotes from many so that you can be sure to get a good price for your liposuction. 

Often clinics that offer liposuction will also offer other forms of cosmetic surgery, such as face-lifts, tummy tucks or implants.  If this is the case then you might be able to have other procedures performed at the same time as your liposuction.  This is usually possible, and your surgeon will be happy to discuss your options with you.  Liposuction is often used in conjunction with other forms of surgeries, although often these other procedures are a more serious undertaking, perhaps needing general anaesthetic.

Regulation of Liposuction Clinics

There is some, regulation on clinics specialising in liposuction or cosmetic surgery.  However, it is very important to check out the clinic that you choose and your surgeon.  Any surgeon can carry out cosmetic surgery, and any clinic can offer a range of cosmetic surgery without necessary having the relevant experience or equipment.  It is very important that you ensure that the clinic has the right life-resuscitation equipment, and that it has a good reputation for the liposuction that you are interested in having.  Sometimes clinics will borrow hospital space from a hospital nearby so don’t be concerned if this is the case.  Depending on the liposuction that you are having, and if you are having extra surgery on top of the liposuction, this might be a better alternative and ensures that you have extra help and equipment nearby, if it is needed. 

Private Liposuction

If you are having liposuction on a private basis, you are likely to have the procedure in a private clinic or a private hospital.        

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