Liposuction or Creams/Lotions

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There are many creams on the market that claim to have a weight reducing effect.  There has been some speculation as to the effectiveness of these creams.  It seems a strange concept that something rubbed onto the skin can have an effect on the fat lying beneath.  However, there has been some success with weight loss creams.  Certain substances, such as aminophylline, have been shown to help with the break down of fat under the skin and creams containing such substances have been noted to help you lose weight.  However, usually these creams are used in conjunction with a new exercise regime or a change in diet.  As such it is hard to tell what is having the major effect. 

Weight loss creams aren’t a long-term solution, and are unlikely to produce such a good effect as liposuction can.  However, creams can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, working quickly on the skins’ surface and smoothing the appearance of any dimples.  There is a large range of different creams, all with different combinations of ingredients.  Which you decide to try will depend upon your price range (creams can cost between £5 and £500) and which creams your believe to work most effectively. 

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