Liposuction Legs, Thighs & Calves

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The legs are a notoriously difficult area to sculpt through exercise or diet, as a result liposuction is often sought to define the shape of your thighs or calves.  The ideal shape for the legs is for a tapered effect with strong thighs and small ankles, something that is difficult for some people to achieve solely through diet and exercise.

Liposuction in the thigh area can be quite a large undertaking, and as such it might be that you have to have your liposuction spread over a number of treatments in order to achieve the effect you are after.  This will have to be a decision between you and your surgeon, but it will help you to reduce the amount of discomfort and ease your recovery after liposuction to the thighs.

Liposuction in the leg area is highly effective and can quickly and easily help you to get slimmer, more toned legs.  There is minimal scarring as only a small incision is needed to insert the cannula, which means that there will be little evidence to show that you have had any surgery to help you lose weight in the leg area.  Thighs can be operated on using more drastic surgery, however this surgery is very invasive and can leave large scarring that is undesirable.  Liposuction is a better way to treat problems with fatty deposits in the thigh region, so long as the amount of fat to be removed is not too excessive and that your surgeon believes you to be suitable for such liposuction.  Often liposuction can be used after more intensive surgery in order to better sculpt the thighs to a good shape and to be rid of any additional fat cells that are still causing problems. 

Though not common, you can also have liposuction on your calves, to give your legs a slimmer, more attractive appearance.

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