Liposuction Stomach/Abdomen (Tummy)

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The stomach area is the most commonly treated by liposuction because it is where most people have problems with excess and unwanted fat.  The fat that settles in this area is commonly stubborn to shift despite you changing your exercise regime and diet, often due to genetic predisposition to store fat in certain areas.  In these instances it is likely that liposuction can help, removing fat cells and shaping your stomach so that it appears flatter and more toned.  Depending on how much fat you want removed, the liposuction is likely to only take an hour or so, and can be achieved using a local anaesthetic with a short recovery time frame.  The results are life long, and so long as you continue with a healthy diet and continued exercise your stomach will continue to be flat and toned.  Liposuction can produce brilliant results to your stomach area.

Sometimes the fat within the abdominal region are not treatable using liposuction.  In these instances fat isn’t stored just beneath the skin (subcutaneously), but insead is located near the intestines further within your body, (intra-abdominal fat).   It is believed that here is an easy way to determine whether liposuction can help you with your stomach.  If you bend over to touch your toes the folds of skin that hang from your stomach is the fat that can be removed and treated using liposuction. 

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