Liposuction Back

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The back is a difficult place to shift weight from, and can cause problems with trousers resulting in what is colloquially known as a ‘muffin-top’.  Fat can collect on the back in many different ways:

  • Above the waist line and near the shoulder blade, resulting in bra constriction and subsequent bulges
  • Higher up, near the arm-pit or lower neck
  • Behind the hips
  • Above the buttocks in the lower back

Removing these fatty deposits can make a drastic improvement to your figure, and can help with any self-consciousness that you might have due to this problem.  Depending on the amount of fat you wish to have removed you might be able to have small amounts of liposuction with only a local anaesthetic, but if you are going to have a large area treated then it might only be possible with intensive liposuction requiring either a general anaesthetic or repeat treatments.

Your surgeon will try to make as few incisions to your back, and will try to use as small a cannula as possible.  The skin on your back is much more likely to suffer from liposuction than other areas, with irregularities and discolorations more common on the back than anywhere else.  For the first week after having liposuction to your back you may have to wear a torso compression garment to help the area to heal properly. 

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