Liposuction Consultation

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Your initial liposuction consultation is a very important step of your surgery, allowing you to voice your concerns, expectations and health issues to your surgeon.  It is important that you reveal all of your previous health problems so that your surgeon can minimise the amount of risk that the surgery could put you in.  This consultation allows you to make any enquiries that you might like to, clarifying issues such as the procedure, how to prepare for liposuction and the steps that you will need to take to ensure its long term effect. 

As well as being important for you, the initial consultation is also important for your surgeon, allowing them to assess your needs and decide whether liposuction is the right choice for you.  There are instances where liposuction is not possible, due to health reasons or sometimes because of previous surgery.  The expectations that you have for your surgery will be brought up, and if these are deemed unrealistic or unachievable then it might be the case that your surgeon isn’t comfortable to go ahead with liposuction.  Your initial consultation then will ensure that

  • You get the right liposuction and the right amount of liposuction for you
  • Your surgeon is aware of all of your previous health problems
  • You are reassured and confident about the procedure
  • You are made aware of the risks involved in the surgery
  • You are prepared for both the pre-surgery steps and the post-surgery steps
  • The amount of fat to be removed and where from are decided and agreed upon
  • The overall body shape and appearance that you will be left with after surgery

The initial consultation will also allow you to get a quote for the surgery, something that cannot be done without your surgeon seeing and evaluating you.

It is likely that your surgeon will have another consultation a few weeks after the initial meeting, to ensure that you have understood all that has been discussed and that you are still keen to go ahead with the liposuction procedure.  In these consultations you will talk in depth about the areas that you want to treat, and exactly how you want them to look.  Your expectations and your surgeons need to be similar, sometimes computer graphics are used to better indicate to you the outcome possible from your liposuction.  Sometimes your surgeon will take photos of the areas concerned so that they can be compared after the liposuction has taken place.  This will allow you to see the full effects of the surgery after the procedure has taken place.   

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