Is Liposuction Permanent?

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Liposuction results ought to be permanent, the shape of your body will remain the same, with no need for additional treatments.  However, if you gain or lose a lot of weight then it can reverse the effects of liposuction.  This weight will generally only make your body larger, not affecting the shape but rather the size of your figure.  If a significant amount of weight is gained then it might happen that the problem areas that you had treated might start to become more accentuated again.  It is essential that after your liposuction you follow the advice of your surgeon concerning diet and exercise otherwise the liposuction procedure might as well be pointless. 

Liposuction Results after Pregnancy

Liposuction cannot be performed if you are pregnant, however it might be the case that you become pregnant after your surgery.  If this occurs then you need not worry about your liposuction being ruined.  Although during pregnancy you will gain weight, once you lose the weight after you have your baby the shape you had after your liposuction should return.

Aging & Liposuction

Aging will always change your appearance, and although liposuction will always help your figure, the effects of aging will prevail.  Nothing can completely turn back the clock, and your skin will loosen and weight gained easier despite any form of liposuction surgery.

Liposuction will be an aid in maintaining a shapely silhouette, but the results can be affected by your lifestyle after surgery.  Weight gained will naturally settle evenly over the body, rather than return to the problem areas that have been treated with liposuction.  So long as you don’t gain, or lose, a great deal of weight, liposuction will be a lifelong surgery, making a difference to your body shape permanently.

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