Liposuction or Arm & Thigh Lift

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Fat and excess skin can be removed from the thigh and the arms using surgical procedures alike to abdominoplasty.  These can tighten the skin around these areas, and lead to a smaller arm or thigh.  Often this surgery leaves scarring, and can only be performed with the use of a local anaesthetic.  An arm or a thigh lift is most suitable for someone who has a lot of excess skin and fat in these areas that they want removed.  Liposuction would be more appropriate for those who have small amounts, due to it being less invasive with minimal complications.  The scars from an arm or thigh lift are permanent although they will be placed in as inconspicuous area as possible.  The cost of this type of surgery varies from about £3000 to £5500 depending on a variety of factors such as the extent of the surgery, the surgeons’ previous experience and training and where you choose to have the surgery. 

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