Liposuction Abroad

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Many countries provide liposuction surgery, and often the prices are a lot cheaper than the UK.  Brazil, Lithuania and Hungary offer the largest possible savings on the cost of liposuction, allowing you to save 70-80% of the cost.  These savings do not take into account the amount of money that you will have to spend on travel to these countries, as well as additional accommodation that might be necessary.  These costs can quickly add up, and might make the total sum not that different to having the surgery in the UK.  There are many companies that organise package deals to allow you to travel and stay for a cheap rate as well as combining a holiday.  These are becoming lower and lower in price, as there is more competition within the liposuction market. 

What to consider if having surgery Abroad

Information on your surgeon abroad won’t be as easy to find as it would be for you in the UK.  It is essential that you check your surgeons’ qualifications and credentials before you agree to anything.  Different countries have different organisations and training schemes, and this could get confusing.  Also you will need to take into account the problems that could arise if you aren’t satisfied with the result of your liposuction.  It might mean that you will have to pay to travel there again in order to get seen to and have further liposuction surgery.  You need to ensure that you are confident in your surgeons’ abilities and are comfortable with the idea of having liposuction in a different country.  Before having surgery abroad you need to consider

  • How far you are prepared to travel to have liposuction
  • The credentials of your surgeon abroad
  • The additional costs that are likely to arise

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