Laser Liposuction/Laser Lipolysis

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Recently a new way to perform liposuction has emerged as a response to the problems involved with traditional liposuction or fat cell removal; namely scarring, bruising, the effects of general anaesthetic to highlight just a few.  This technique uses lasers and thermal energy to break down the fat cells.  The broken down cells are then easily absorbed and shifted by the body, or they can also be removed using massage or a suction tool just after the lasers have been used during surgery.  This new technique comes under many names such as ‘SmartLipo’ but basically the procedure is the same for all, although some might be preferable for larger surface areas. 

Thermal energy from lasers is used via a probe to essentially breakdown the fat cells before they are removed.  Often getting the fat cells to break away from muscle or tissue can be quite hard, and this technique ensures that they are at least softened, if not detached, from any surrounding tissue.  This then makes them easier to extract with minimal damage to the surrounding areas.  Because laser treatments only targets the fat cells, this method means that the practitioner can be a lot more selective about removing specific fat deposits, and as a result can ensure that the shape created by the removal of fat cells is advantageous. 

A surgeon using laser liposuction can achieve very accurate results on all parts of the body, from the chin down to the thighs, with minimal damage to other parts of the body.  The incisions from laser liposuction are very small, only needing to be large enough to insert a suction tool and the laser probe.  This means less scarring and less risk of infections or heamatoma.  

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