Repeat Liposuction

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Having liposuction removes a certain amount of fat cells from a specific area of the body.  Your body does not regenerate more fat cells, instead the cells that remain there enlarge, so storing more fat and allowing you to put weight on again.  This occurs if you do not maintain your weight after liposuction surgery.  Although after liposuction you are less likely to put weight on in the areas treated, instead the weight will be more evenly distributed around the body, however it might be that you want to have the same place treated again.  This is possible, although not always preferable to maintaining your figure naturally.

Liposuction is not a weight loss technique but more a shaping method, and as such it shouldn’t be your first port of call when trying to lose weight.  Exercise and diet are much healthier, and more effective methods to do this.  Having repeat liposuction makes the method increasingly difficult for the surgeon performing it.  A certain amount of fat cells need to be retained in the area for your body to survive, and removing more and more makes it quite risky that too many will be removed.  On top of this there are issues with skin marking and irregularities that are more common in patients who have had more than one episode of liposuction. 

The best way to maintain your figure is through diet and exercise and not to have more liposuction. 

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