Liposculpture Surgeons

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Your surgeon will need to be a highly skilled practitioner with plenty of experience within the cosmetic surgery field.  Liposculpture is a highly accurate and complicated form of liposuction, which will require a lot more accuracy and attention.  There aren’t very many surgeons who will be able to perform this surgery, but you will be able to find information online or through your GP. 

Liposculpture can be performed nearly anywhere; the neck, chin, arms, stomach, hips, thighs, legs and even face.  There are no real limitations as to where you can have liposculpture although specific areas such as under the eyes is considered too delicate an area to have any form of liposuction.  It would be a good idea to discuss which area you are concerned about with your surgeon.  The most popular areas for liposculpture are the stomach/abdomen and the thighs/legs. Talk to your liposculpture surgeon about whether the area you are concerned about, is suitable for treatment.

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