Liposuction or Massage

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Massage is used in conjunction with liposuction to help reduce the amount of fat build up and enable the skin to smoothen out.  However, massage can also be used alone to help you lose weight.  The motion of massage can stimulate different bodily systems including the digestive and the lymphatic systems that can help you to lose weight.  Massage has been compared to exercise, and there are various techniques that either you or a practitioner can perform.  These are designed to quicken fat break down and stimulate the absorption of fat.  The main point about massage is that it is relaxing and helps with blood circulation, both of which can help you to lose weight as long as your expectations are reasonable and you continue with it regularly.  Alike to weight loss pills and creams it would be best to use massage in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime.  The effects of massage can aid you in achieving weight indirectly however if used alone there are unlikely to be any major benefits. 

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