Liposuction Scars

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Scarring is a major concern of all people undertaking surgery, and liposuction is no different.  With new techniques though, the scarring is very minimal, with very small incisions being made to insert smaller and smaller probes.  There are usually 2 incisions made, and they are often less than 10mm small, with the smallest being about 3mm wide. 

Your surgeon will discuss the exact position of your scars and incisions before your liposuction takes place.  They will try to hide them either in skin folds or in less noticeable areas such as where your underwear covers, under pubic hair or where the scars are hidden naturally such as behind your ears.

When the incisions are healed you will be left with a scar.  These will appear whiter in colour than the rest of your skin, and are often so small and insignificant that they will often be overlooked by someone who doesn’t know that you have had liposuction.

How to help your scars heal

There are creams and massages that can help to make your scars less visible and heal properly.  In order to help stop them from hardening or from too much discoloration you ought to:

  • Massage them gently throughout your recovery.  Exact methods will be discussed with you my your surgeon
  • Apply creams such as Mederma or Kelocote, or other natural creams such as bio-oils continuously throughout your scars healing time, once the incisions have closed.
  • Keep scars out of the sun, especially when they are still healing.

If you follow your surgeons advice and treat your scars accordingly, then you ought to only be left with a small, hardly visible white line.

The scarring left from liposuction is a lot less than from any other form of fat reducing surgery.  Major surgeries such as tummy tucks or breast reductions can leave large, unsightly scars that are quite noticeable.  This makes liposuction a much more attractive option to those looking to alter their figure. 

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