Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) Recovery

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You will need to take either a few days or a week off work after having PAL, the time depending on the extent of the surgery and they type of job you have.  You ought to be able to resume all normal activities within 3 weeks of the surgery. 

Leaving the wounds open allows for a faster recovery from PAL, the excess fluid not being trapped under the skin so preventing prolonged swelling after the surgery.  An excess of fluid is unavoidable when using ‘tumescent’, or wet, techniques and this can cause the area to be tender and slightly swollen for a few days. 

Using PAL ought to reduce the amount of bleeding and bruising obtained from liposuction surgery, however there still might be a small amount that will be present for anything up to a week after your surgery. 

Pain caused by the procedure can be controlled using drugs available from your pharmacy and ought to subside within a week.  Generally the recovery from PAL is short, but you will have to go back to your surgeon for post-operative consultations for a good few weeks in order to ensure that your recovery is on track.

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