Super Wet Liposuction

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Super wet liposuction is basically the same as wet or tumescent liposuction, however despite the name, less fluid is used so there is less risk of trapped fluid post-liposuction.  Usually the same amount of fluid is injected as the amount of fat that is being removed.  There is often a need for a general anaesthetic or sedation as the surgery is rather quick and could cause discomfort.  Injections are applied to the areas being treated pre-surgery to allow the smoother extraction of fat cells and a better final result, and although your weight might be the same after the liposuction once your body sorts out any additional fluid you will find you have lost fat.  This form of liposuction holds all of the risks associated with general anaesthetics as well as the problem of tumescent liposuction – that fluid can get trapped and become toxic. 

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