Tumescent Liposuction

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Tumescent liposuction is currently used in conjunction with other forms of liposuction, helping to reduce the risks involved with the surgery and helping to make the fat cells easier to remove.  Tumescent fluids are injected into the area being treated so that there is more room to apply a cannula and so that the tissues surrounding the fat cells are affected less.

Tumescent Fluids

The fluid injected into the fat layer contains a mixture of saline, a local anaesthetic such as lidocaine, a drug to help close blood vessels such as epinephrine and often a small amount of adrenaline. 

Reasons for using tumescent fluids

The use of tumescent fluids before a liposuction procedure is now very common, as the benefits of doing so has been seen, and dry liposuction has become dated.  The fluids injected help to prepare the area about to be treated, pumping up the area between the muscle and the fat cells, so allowing a cannula to be used with greater ease.  The agents within the tumescent fluids help to quicken recovery from the liposuction, and means less trauma to any other tissues surrounding the fat cells that are to be removed. 

Risks involved with tumescent fluids

Side effects of tumescent liposuction are rare, and it is currently seen as the safest form of liposuction, allowing greater movement with minimal damage. 

  • Fluid imbalances – There is a risk that the amounts of fluids within your body might end up out of harmony.  If this is the case then it can produce some serious side effects, putting a strain on body organs such as the heart and the kidneys.  Your surgeon will do all they can to ensure that this doesn’t happen, and cases of this occurring are rare.
  • Lidocaine poisoning – Lidocaine is a potentially dangerous substance when used in too high a quantity and can migrate to the lungs if left in the body.  If this occurs respiratory problems can occur, with the result being cardiac arrest if left untreated.  This is very rare.
  • Infection – any procedure that involves puncturing the skin carries a risk of infection.  These can be very serious, but if caught early can easily be treated using antibiotics.

It is currently viewed that liposuction with the use of tumescent fluids carries a lot less risk that liposuction without.  It seriously helps to reduce swelling, bruising and bleeding, and thus helps you to recovery, faster. 

Procedures that use tumescent liposuction

All forms of laser, ultrasonic-assisted and power-assisted liposuction will use tumescent fluids as a starting point.  In the past tumescent fluids were used, and then a cannula suctioned out the fat cells, but with new advances in liposuction technologies the tumescent application is a part of another method, a step in the procedure rather than the procedure itself.   

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