Wet Liposuction

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Wet liposuction refers to any type of liposuction that involves the injection of fluids before fat removal.  For example, Power Assisted Liposuction and Laser liposuction are both wet methods, both using the injection of local anaesthetic and other fluids to further enable the swift break-down of fat cells and their easier removal. 

Wet liposuction techniques are now used in all types of liposuction surgery, rather than the outdated and riskier ‘dry’ technique.  Wet liposuction produces better results, faster recovery times and less risk of bleeding and bruising.  Although these methods do also contain their own, unique, risks.  For example, if too much fluid is used in PAL, Tumescent can collect in the lungs instead of being absorbed into the body.  This can result in serious illness as the fluid then becomes toxic.  There are advantages and disadvantages to the wet technique, these will be outlined by your surgeon and you will be told all the risks associated with wet liposuction.  However, it is widely acknowledged that wet liposuction is the safest form, and many professionals argue that the benefits of such surgery greatly outweigh the risks. 

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