VASER HighDef (VHD) Results, Recovery & Risks

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Due to VHD being performed with only a local anaesthetic you are able to leave the surgery on the same day, so long as you are driven home by someone else.  The incisions are very small, and are usually left open with no sutures so that they can heal naturally, and any liquids can leave your body.  You surgeon will discuss a post-VHD programme with you, and ensure that you are provided with information on how to maintain your new body shape.  This may include the use of a compression garment that might have to be worn for a week after the procedure.  Generally you will be able to return to un-strenuous activities within days of VHD, and can make it back to the gym within a month. Recovery times will vary depending on how many areas you are having treated, and how much fat is being removed from these areas.

Results of VASER HighDef (VHD)

Once fat has been removed it is gone, and so long as you maintain a good fitness program and eat appropriately then the fat removed by VHD will not return.  VHD can help you to achieve a fit, toned or muscular appearance when exercise or diet might not have been able to produce these results alone.  Often people become a lot more health conscious after the surgery, so it can also help to boost your incentive to have a healthier lifestyle.

Risks of VASER HighDef (VHD)

VHD is very gentle on your body, and unlike other liposuction techniques, only requires a local anaesthetic and an hour or so of surgery time.  This helps to reduce the risks involved, as well as allowing you to be aware of what is going on throughout the procedure.  Due to the use of tumescent fluids and the use of ultrasonic waves to rupture the fat cells, bleeding and bruising are minimal as surrounding tissues are largely bypassed.  There is always some form of risk associated with fluid balances, allergies to medications or fluids used, lidocaine toxicity and infection, but your surgeon will do everything they can to reduce these risks.  There are some concerns about nerve damage, skin irregularity and discoloration but these are rare and so long as you are honest in your consultation, and your surgeon has the relevant training then these shouldn’t occur.  By choosing an experienced surgeon you help yourself to lessen the likelihood of anything going wrong.  

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