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Women who are determined to go through with breast augmentation surgery but struggle to meet the cost in the UK sometimes opt to go oversees in the hope of cheaper procedures. While the temptation of cut-price enlargements may be too good to resist, you must research the idea of surgery abroad carefully and be aware of the problems you may face.

Some countries have lower standards than others in terms of reliable, quality and safe cosmetic procedures. There is a higher risk of botched surgery, which could be expensive to correct, and long-term implications to your health if breast augmentation is carried out by a clinic which doesn’t have tight regulations in place. Eastern Europe and some areas of Asia and Africa have precarious track records – that’s not to say these parts of the world don’t have talented surgeons but if you do have the misfortunate of encountering somebody who is inexperienced or under qualified, then it is more difficult to hold the surgeon and clinic responsible for the flawed procedure.

If you suffer any problems after the procedure is carried out abroad, it is likely to cost more in the long run to make a second or third visit to the same surgeon. The over-stretched NHS could be reluctant to rectify mistakes made by an incompetent foreign surgeon.

Be wary of companies offering a package holiday/surgery deal. They might promise a week in the sun while you go under the knife for your new look, but during the recovery period the last thing you will want to do is sightseeing. You are more likely to be stuck in a hotel room alone, and in pain. Of course a friend or relative could come with you, but how much will that cost?

Before you decide to go through with cosmetic surgery it is important to have a consultation with a surgeon so he/she can evaluate you, answer any questions you might have and provide the opportunity for you to build up trust and confidence in the person responsible for your welfare. But this is difficult if you decide on a foreign location, unless you want to stump up the money to arrange a visit in advance.

If you only meet the surgeon there and then, and he/she doesn’t speak fluent English, it will do little to ease your nerves.

The standards of cosmetic surgery in some countries is every bit as good as the UK’s, but may end up costing the same, if not more, so it may be better to stay put.  Do your research and out the weigh the risks and benefits, for you.

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