How Long Breast Implants Last

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How long breast implants last depends, of course, with each individual; for instance a more athletic woman increases her risk of rupture and therefore reduces the time her breast implant lasts for.  You must realise though, that breast implants do not last forever, even though modern implants are sturdier than ever. This is why realistic expectations are a necessity for cosmetic surgery. The average time that breast implants last for is approximately 10 years, although they can last for up to 25 years. Modern technology is producing longer lasting implants, so talk to your surgeon about newer options that are available to you. Do remember, though, that, even if implants are stronger, it is quite common to have them removed and perhaps replaced at a later date. You must, then, be prepared for more surgery in the future.

Saline & Silicone Implants

It has been argued that saline implants do not last as long as their silicon equivalent. This can be because overfilling or under-filling of saline implants can create structural problems. Do note, though, that saline implants are easier to remove than silicone implants.

Changes to Breast Implants over time

Breast implants can change size and shape over time. Factors that can cause an alteration of the implant include breastfeeding, pregnancy, changes in weight and ageing.

Implant Removal

There are various reasons for implant removal: sometimes they break down over time; sometimes ruptures cause deflation or siliconomas/granulomas; very big enlargements can cause stooping of the shoulders and health problems, such as back pain. Whatever the reason, though, implant removal is likely. What you must decide is whether you will have your implant replaced.

Implant Replacement

When implants need removal, many patients often replace their implant with a new one. This is because without it breasts, obviously, return to their previous size and state. Not only does that happen, but the deflation of the breast can cause puckering or dimpling. Of course, the alternative, replacing the implant, will cost you and so you must consider whether you would rather put up with puckering and not pay more or maintain looks but pay financially for them.

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